Emerging Technology Assessments

Technology investors have witnessed more challenges than any other sector, mainly due to a) their inability to assess the technology platform used as collateral and b) the challenge to secure solid financial backing during the ‘valley of death period’, i.e. the period between having a technical prototype and a system that is commercially ready for the market’. With the hope of investing in the next unicorn, investors are seen to take a weak bet, with statistics showing that 90% of tech start-ups fail in the long terms, and only 56% make the 5-year tenure.
We are recognised as Reg-Tech, an external technology audit firm, with the expertise and intellectual capital to assess technology platforms and projects. Our commercial due diligence is the necessity that reduces investor risks and provides the right amount of analytics allowing investors to make an informed decision. The Risk & Opportunity Assessment deep dives into multiple layers of the business, focusing on every element that would give investors a clear picture of the challenges the potential tech-related investment opportunity, and address areas in which they can effectively add value. 
Our universal Regulatory Assessment Model has been created for jurisdictions that focus on providing businesses licencing to operate in a regulated environment and list on existing digital exchanges. Our mission statement has always been to secure the investor and create a safer investment process.

Fund Administration

Burj Financial has partnered with Vauban.io in the UK, which is a next-gen fund architect and administrator that enables investors start and run your fund in the most cost effective, seamless way, using digital tools.
Our expertise lies in structuring specific funds dedicated to individual requirements.
We have created numerous investment vehicles for clients in various jurisdictions worldwide. 
As managers and assessors, our focus has been on the investment mandate and monitoring pre and post deployment of funds. Our monthly reporting includes fund tracking and forecasting the performance of the underlying asset.

Structuring & Advisory

We have bespoke access and ability to create regional institutional investment products, in line with international standards.
Our partners include investment banks and prime brokers with whom we work closely to ensure client requirements have been met within a cost-efficient structure that is both functional and transparent.